Teacher Feature

Jeremy Brown

Poverty with the Brain in Mind



I have to admit that before I took this course I was a bit skeptical. I mean I had never taken an online course before and I thought this was going to be another class with some strategies that I have already put into place and a lot of research based mumbo jumbo from the 60’s or 70’s that just wasn’t relevant to the present condition of our society. What I found out was that 152 pages of truly insightful material can and has changes my outlook on not the students but my role as their teacher and equipped me with the arsenal to win the war sort of speak.

The brain is a powerful thing and the ins and outs of this magical and complicated thing have the power to do some amazing things if we as educators know more about it. Furthermore, connecting research, empathy and good teaching practices with a new found understanding of the brain can only lead to positive results for the kids whom need us so desperately to just get it!

I cannot say how much this book meant to me. I have since shared the textbook with 3 other teachers whom 1 has also read it twice. As I previously stated this is the first online course I have taken and wow did I hit the jackpot on this one! The textbook was brilliantly organized in a fashion that made reading it easy and hard to put down. I loved the fact that we got to follow Mr. Hawkins transform his thoughts on retirement and evolve into a better teacher. I was inspired!