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Teacher Feature:

Karen Jones


“A big part of that workshop is to help the students understand the message. Having the opportunity to develop a “workshop” that we can use right away in the fall was fabulous.

I have always told my students that “mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn” but now I have the science to back it up.

We will use what we have learned in this class.. I have the tools I need to help my students to recognize and move beyond a fixed mindset.. Thank you for presenting this class! I have loved it!

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Teacher Feature:

Elizabeth O’Neil


"I am confident that the workshop we have developed will be interesting and exciting for our students. This is really exciting to me as we can keep improving and adjusting our workshop based on student response. I plan to chronicle this process on my web page.”

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Teacher Feature:

Cynthia Thomas Epler

The most important lesson I learned was I need to learn more.

I had a teacher whom had a problem with a student, we solved the problem using my new found perspective. I think this is the way to spread the news, results orientated.I teach my students about their brains and what is happening at this point in their brain development. I think they feel a bit more empowered. 

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Teacher Feature:

Jeremy Brown

Connecting research, empathy and good teaching practices with a new found understanding of the brain can only lead to positive results for the kids whom need us so desperately to just get it!

I thought this was going to be another class with some strategies that I have already put into place and a lot of research based mumbo jumbo from the 60’s or 70’s that just wasn’t relevant to the present condition of our society.

I have since shared the textbook with 3 other teachers whom 1 has also read it twice. As I previously stated this is the first online course I have taken and wow did I hit the jackpot on this one! The textbook was brilliantly organized in a fashion that made reading it easy and hard to put down. I loved the fact that we got to follow Mr. Hawkins transform his thoughts on retirement and evolve into a better teacher. I was inspired!

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Hear further Testimony from past classes or workshops:

Thank you so much for designing a class that was interesting, and one that I really learned so much from. I'm a so excited to share what I've learned and to try new techniques with my students.

Susie Stueck, It’s All in Your Head

Just a few of the descriptions that drew me in were: not letting students shut down and turn off to learning, research into how the brain processes new information clearly, no excuses, no apathy, make  every class fun and energized, etc. It seemed like just the perfect fit for what I was focusing on. And it really, really was!

Carli Halligan, Endless Energizers

This text is GREAT! It provides tons of useful information delivered in a very readable and user-friendly way. It also consistently suggests that the mastery of state-changing techniques is a gradual one, reminding readers to take it a step at a time. I love having this as a resource!!

Patti LeRoy, Endless Energizers

I learned everything I expected to learn and much more. In addition to what I expected to learn, I also learned a lot about my own brain and how I think and process information. I was surprised to learn that I was actually more of a male brain than a female brain (which makes sense looking back on my experiences in the academic world). I also walked away with a long list of practical strategies to try in my

classroom. I learned some strategies to help different types of learners and some strategies to help my students with learning difficulties. I was pleasantly surprised at how practical and helpful the course was to my teaching.

Christy Metzger, Teaching the Female Brain Math and Science

The book and this class provided a great amount of material, methods, and techniques to use in a classroom. I think that if I can use and practice 75% of the material it will make me a much better teacher. The class helped me see areas that I need to improve in my teaching but it also helped to confirm many of the methods I have used for my teaching career.

Skip Hall, Fierce Teaching

I think the “Fierce Teaching” content is extremely valuable and bears sharing with my colleagues and administration. I don’t say this lightly, as we are constantly inundated with new teaching curriculum, standards, techniques, best practices, etc. However, one of the reasons I like “Fierce Teaching” so much is that it is a very logical, integrated approach. It captures the essence of many of the “smart trends” in teaching (as opposed to fads, or politically motivated mandates), and provides a realistic, personalized structure in which to plan and implement areas in individual teaching practice that need new strategies.

Joan Vetter, Fierce Teaching

I expected this book to have all these weird foods that I'd never heard of nor could find in a grocery store to try but that wasn't the case. I learned exactly what I had hope to learn in this course. The aspects of this course that were most helpful for me was the list of mood/brain foods and how they were good for the body. I also liked the simple recipes that anyone can make. The 100 reasons why to avoid processed foods were also very interesting to learn and I know now that unless there are no other options, we will not go to fast food ever again!

Kimberly Valadez, The Happiness Diet

Teetering on the brink of effusive, that’s the only way to describe my reaction to this course, what I have learned and what I have shared with anyone who is still willing to listen. I never expected to be impacted the way I have been by this class. I didn’t expect the course to offer me an opportunity to do what I love most in this life: to cook and experiment with new foods. I didn’t expect to connect with the instructor in the way that I have with you, Brenda. I think this is the unexpected surprise for which I am most grateful.

Laura Pridmore Brown, The Happiness Diet

I wanted to thank you for broadening my horizons on nutrition and how nutritional choices affect one’s life. This class was life altering in many ways. After many days of chasing our cows, Junior and Senor back into our pasture, we finally have a strong enough fencing system to keep them in place. It may seem odd to say, but when we do butcher our grass fed cows, I will think of you when we eat them. This class was definitely a life changer that my family and I will reap the benefits from year after year.

Nancy Wilson, The Happiness Diet

Every aspect of the course was beneficial. Reading the book The Happiness Diet gave me a plethora of information about what nutrients are essential for the human brain to work at its best. The papers were helpful because they gave me a chance to integrate my new knowledge with my background knowledge and to come up with new questions. I would highly recommend this course to all teachers and anyone interested in eating to feel and be healthy.

Robin Bodin, The Happiness Diet

I am so excited about everything I learned from reading this book. I believe that this should be required reading in all teacher education programs. I also believe that it should be required reading for all current teachers and staff in all school districts

Diane Friddle, Mindset

It was truly one of the best graduate level class I've taken! Enjoyed the content, the teamwork and the feedback! Thank you Brenda.

Julie Holson, Mindset

Thanks again for the GREAAAAAAAT class.

Karen and Elizabeth, Mindset

Brenda thank you so much for your timely and insightful feedback You have demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and positive encouragements that I aspire to emulate.

Jeffery (Shane) Elliott, Mindset

Brenda, I have truly enjoyed this course and greatly appreciate the knowledge I have gained from it. This course should be a must for EVERYONE (I started out with a list and then just thought I'd make it all encompassing)! How inspiring! I'm so glad I didn't pass it up.

Emma Standish, Exercise and the Brain